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Minecraft PE Nether Map

Minecraft PE Nether Map 1


Found this nice remake of the Nether. Since it appears the pocket edition of minecraft will never see the actual nether this map was made. Yes, you can build the Nether Core Reactor but it isn’t quite the same. Map comes in either creative or survival. Have fun.

Download Minecraft PE Nether Creative

Download Minecraft PE Nether Survival

Images shown are from the use of a texture pack – more information coming soon on the nether texture pack

Minecraft Skyblock PE


This is a very epic map/minecraft mini game for pocket edition.

Skyblock PE is a recreation of the version from PC.

Skyblock PE Map Download

There is set challenges you need to try to accomplish.

To get an idea here is a video of the first part of the map.


Rules and Challenges from PC Version


  • Make a cobblestone generator
  • Make a bridge to the sand island
  • Make a big house out of cobblestone, with at least 3 storys
  • Get 10 cacti
  • Expand the island as much as you can with cobblestone!
  • Build a mob grinder
  • Make a farm
  • Make all possible dyes and wool blocks
  • Make 10 bookshelves

Waterpark 1

Here is a map that is a little different from what we are used to seeing. This puts to good use the pockets of water in the latest minecraft pe update. I have actually found a couple different waterparks that people have created for Minecraft Pocket edition. I will be adding these very shortly so be sure to check back. I hope you enjoy your day at the waterpark.

Download Map Here

waterpark1 waterpark2 waterpark4 waterpark5 waterpark6 waterpark7 waterpark8 waterpark9