Epic Art v3

We’ve decided to go ahead and release version 3 of our Epic Minecraft Art Map.

Download v3 here

With version three we have added  a minion from Despicable Me, Spongebob SquarePants, Gary, Plankton, and a Krabby Patty.

plankton minion spongebob gary

We are also offer version 2 completely free now(no need to fill out an offer or survey!) We do ask if you enjoy it consider downloading version 3. We have many cost associated with this website, mainly with server costs and bandwidth. So please help support us so we can keep this site up.

Let us know if you have any suggestions to add to version 4, we are thinking maybe Pokemon.

Epic Art v2

We have uploaded version 2 of our Epic Minecraft Art, this version contains  even more art than version 1. We are already working on version 3 that will contain and PvP arena for you to battle in as well.

We are working on adding more and statues as well as incorporating hidden things/easter eggs as well for you to find throughout the map. You can get version 1 here with no a no hassle download with no surveys or forms to fill out. We incur a lot of bandwidth costs with these downloads so if you like it please take the time and download version 2.


Here is some screenshots from v2.

Yoshi Minecraft Epic Art 5 Mario3 Perry Minecraft Epic Art 6 Epic Art 7 Epic Art v2 1

Minecraft Subway Surfers 4

Minecraft Subway Surfers

Here is a map that is a mini game, and you can also use it as a multiplayer map as well, if you want to race your friends or what not.

This map is a decent concept but it is obviously missing some key aspects that being actually moving trains, and also not having the ability to duck/slide under obstacles like in the actually subway surfer game.

Nevertheless, we applaud the time and effort that went to designing and building this map.

Download Minecraft PE Subway Surfers Map here

After you download the game, you will start in the tutorial section of the map, so I’m not going to go into all that detail in what you need to do and how it all works. I’ll leave that up to you and your friends.

Minecraft Subway Surfers 1 Minecraft Subway Surfers 2 Minecraft Subway Surfers 3 Minecraft Subway Surfers 4

Pac-Man Minecraft PE 1

Pacman Minecraft

We promised to have more Player vs. Player (PvP) Minecraft PE maps, and we’ve got them. We’ve been busy working on our Epic Art Map v2, but will continue to still upload new maps(everyday, we hope)… Check out our Epic Art v1 map here.

Screenshot from our Epic Art v2 map

Screenshot from our Epic Art v2 map

So anyway, this is a multiplayer map that is a the classic PacMan maze. Although it is a MCPE multiplayer map there is also a single player version as well.

Download Minecraft Pac-Man PE here – Multiplayer Version

Single Player Version

As with any game there is rules:

If playing with friends select, one person to be “PacMan”. This person will have shears to remove the yellow dots which happen to be yellow wool. The other people who are playing with be the “ghosts”. You can go after the ghosts… When you reach certain areas there will be chests filled with flint and steel, which you use to set the other players or ghosts on fire. The spawn area for the ghost is filled with water. If a player gets set on fire they must return to the ghost spawn area and jump in the water to put out the fire. Players who are ghosts must also keep moving and must not stay in one spot.

Single player is available with zombies but not as fun, but serves it purpose.Pac-Man Minecraft PE 1

Super Craft Bros. Brawl

We’ve noticed a lack of multiplayer and PvP minecraft pe maps on our site lately and decided it was time to get some more PvP maps added.  So keep checking back for more.

Today, we have Super Craft Bros. Brawl 2.5. This is a great map to play with your friends and it offers a bunch of different arenas and weapons classes for you to choose from.

Download Super Craft Brothers for Minecraft PE Here

For each arena there is different chest/classes with different weapons and armor.

Super Craft Bros 1 Super Craft Bros 2 Super Craft Bros 3 Super Craft Bros 4 Super Craft Bros 5 Super Craft Bros 6

Simpsons (Springfield) Minecraft Map

Here’s a great map that I believe was ported from the PC version of the map, and now is fit for MCPE. If you’re a fan of the Simpsons then you love walking around Springfield and checking everything out.  There is just about everything you can imagine.

Download Simpsons Minecraft Map Here


Some Screenshots – We will work on getting some better screenshots up that aren’t so dark.

Simpons Simpsons 1 Simpsons 2 Simpsons 4 Simpsons 5 Simspons 3

Epic Art 2

Epic Minecraft Art

We’ve started a very epic map! We’ve already started adding to it to get ready for version 2, but for now you can have version 1.1(we actually have gotten some reports that version 1.1 wasn’t loading currently so we’ve rolled back to plan version 1 for now. So you may not see Peach and the Angry Birds, but you’ll see the rest. If you have any ideas or suggestions on some art you’d like to see added let us know and we’ll try our best to get them added.

Update – We are working hard on creating more “art” for v2, and we are now offering v1 for free to help spread the word! We will most likely incur some huge bandwidth costs hosting this on our server, so get it while you can.

Version 2 so far contains Pacman, Peach, Yoshi, Perry the Platypus, and more… Stay tuned

Get Epic Minecraft Art v1 hassle free, without completing any offers, all we ask is you share our site.


So what is Epic Art? It is a map filled with awesome pixel creations.

Check out what version 1 has in-store for you

Epic Art 1 Epic Art 3 Epic Art 4 Epic Art 5 Epic Art 6 Epic Art 7


For me the map was showing up as being named Superflat PE so not sure why that it is, but we are working on getting that straightened out as well as the load time.

Parkour Map Pack

We’ve put together the ultimate map pack for minecraft pe parkour fans. The map pack contains a total of eight different maps.

Download the Parkour Map Pack Here

All you have to do is download the zip file, and extract it into your minecraftWorlds folder.

Can’t see the video? Click here to watch on YouTube

Step-by-Step instructions on how to install maps can also be found here


The maps included in this download are:

  • Legend of Zelda
  • Temple Run
  • The Sprinter
  • Parkour Adventure v3.4
  • Frost Parkour
  • Endless Parkour
  • Epic Jump Map Butter Edition – Survival Edition
  • Epic Jump Map Butter Edition – Creative Edition
  • Epic Jump Map Butter Edition v2

ButterParkourV2-3 ButterParkourV2-2 ButterParkourV2-1 Feature The Sprinter 6 The Sprinter 5 The Sprinter 4 The Sprinter 3 The Sprinter 2 EndlessParkour2 EndlessParkour3 EndlessParkour4 The Sprinter 7 The Sprinter 1 EndlessParkour1 FrostParkour ParkourAdventure3 FrostParkour2 ParkourAdventure2 FrostParkour1 FrostParkour3 FrostParkour4 ParkourAdventure1 TempleParkour4 TempleParkour2 TempleParkour1 LegendofZeldaMinecraftParkour3 LegendofZeldaMinecraftParkour2


Epic Jump Map Butter Edition v2

I’m sure you all remember the first version of the Butter Parkour pe map. If not check it out here. It was a pretty decent map, but with everything it could use a little tweaking. Especially the lack of budder(butter) after the first part. You don’t have to worry about that now , and you can parkour on top of your butter even longer. It still possesses some unique challenges and I have a feeling that sometime we will even see a version 3.

What are you waiting for? Download Epic Jump Map Butter Edition v2 Here

If you want a little preview then check out some of these screenshots:

ButterParkourV2-1 ButterParkourV2-2 ButterParkourV2-3


And as always we will provide a video for you, but I urge you to not watch it folks. It talks the fun out of the map plus the element of surprise. Only come back a watch the video after you’ve given it a try and maybe get stump. Scroll down..Spoiler alert!

Download Butter Parkour v2 here

Before we show the video I’d like to take the time to remind you about the Parkour Map Pack that we will be listing soon. It will contain as many parkour maps as we can find in one download.

Now to the video